Does this change affect or even break 2-acre residential zoning in Weston?

We want to assure you that there is no such intention or effect. To make absolutely sure, we spoke with a prominent land-use attorney who deals with these issues in the towns in lower Fairfield County, John Fallon, to help us form our plans.

John examined Weston’s current zoning regulations, as well as the language of the proposed amendment, and he let us know that the Active Adult Community District we are proposing is very specifically limited to properties over 15 acres on a state road with age-restricted living. This means that the permitted uses for 2-acre residential lots remain the same and the 2-acre minimum is still in force where it was before the amendment. This special district for our seniors does not negate the zoning that characterizes our town.

In fact, even if the zoning amendment were approved, we will still have to apply for a Special Permit Use with a public hearing before the Planning & Zoning Commission, based on the actual nature of our specific project in that District. This means that any other properties which happen to meet the Adult Active Community District zoning criteria could NOT, as of right, go forward with a project without similar permits, procedures, and a public hearing.

Furthermore, any other future zoning proposals would each be decided on their own merits as they have been before. This new District for seniors does not, John assures us based on the law, create a “slippery slope” for undesirable land uses in the future. The unreasonable fear of the these hypothetical issues should not keep Weston from achieving our strategic vision which, in the Town Strategic Plan, includes a special place to retain our senior citizens seeking to downsize and remain in town.