Are these “tract” homes, giant condo buildings, monolithic eyesores, or something else that will destroy the bucolic and individualistic nature of Weston?

Not on your life! We live here too and this project will be part of our legacy in town. We will be working with the best architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and craftsmen to make absolutely sure that this new senior community is high-quality, attractive addition to Weston’s varied landscape, blending seamlessly into the rural, yet sophisticated style the town is known for. This includes:

  • Making sure the buildings are properly scaled to their site
  • Each main building (6 total, housing approximately 6 units each) will appear as a single-family home.
  • The details and color scheme will blend harmoniously with the surroundings while varying enough to avoid “sameness.”
  • The buildings will be beautifully finished on all sides to give an attractive appearance for neighbors and visitors alike.
  • They will have colonial design with modern amenities, like most homes in town.
  • The driveways, paths, and grounds will be well-planned, and the physical materials top-notch. Owners will be proud of their homes and the town will be proud to have them.
  • To the extent feasible, we plan to retain and refurbish certain historical structures on the property as a visual and useful reminder of the Phillips Farm legacy.
  • There will be a pond with walkways as part of the proposed development.